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Three New Broughton Compositions Coming Soon!

Bruce Broughton is busy. In addition to his music for film and television, he’s on the verge of releasing three new works for orchestra:

Concerto for Horn & Orchestra
Commissioned by the Houston Symphony and composed for William VerMeulen, the Concerto for Horn is a challenging virtuoso work that is lyrically powerful, bold, and audience accessible. The three movements are in a slow/fast/slow format, and each displays the horn as an expressively versatile solo voice with a wide emotional and technical range.

And on the Sixth Day
Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra
The piece’s title refers to the sixth day of Creation, as described in three movements in the first chapter of Genesis: 1. In the Beginning; 2. Evening; and 3. Morning. The style of the music changes, becoming more eloquent, lyrical, and joyful as the Sixth Day progresses. The oboe part is expressive and technically challenging and plays the role of narrator in the story.

String Theory
Prelude, Theme and Variations for String Orchestra
The strings, the orchestra’s most expressive section, get a chance to show off what they can do in String Theory. The piece is conceived as a primer on how strings sound, section by section, technique by technique. After a brief introductory prelude, the theme is played by all of the violins in unison. Every variation afterward (there are 18) displays some string combination, such as violins and violas in unison and octaves) or a specific technique, e.g., sul tasto, sul ponticello, portato, spiccato, ricochet, pizzicato and so forth. An energetic Finale combines many of these techniques.

More than just an essential guide to string sounds, the piece is a tour de force of great expression and excitement combined with a prominent technical display.

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