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January 25th, 27th & 28th | Local Venues

New Broughton Piece, “Salmagundi,” to be Premiered by Lyris Quartet and New West Symphony

Bruce Broughton isn’t one to shy away from a compositional challenge, and this one presented itself as an intriguing orchestration puzzle: compose a piece for string quartet and symphony orchestra, taking into account that a string quartet usually performs alone lest it be overwhelmed by the symphony orchestra. As Broughton poses, “If the quartet is self-sufficient, what does the orchestra do? Next week we’ll find out.”

On January 25th, 27th and 28th, the Lyris Quartet and the New West Symphony will premiere “Salmagundi,” a piece for string quartet and orchestra, at three local venues. More information is available on the New West Symphony website.

Additionally, the New West Symphony 2018 Gala will be held this Saturday, January 20th, beginning at 5:30pm, and will feature some of Broughton’s lighter music for the party atmosphere: Check the site for more details, prices, and to make reservations.